Subject: Adequan

I have used Dr. Koorhan and her staff for my pets veterinary care for over 25 years with awesome results.

I have an 11 yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix that was diagnosed with arthritis in his left hip when he was around 7 to 8 years old. It saddened me to seem him struggle on some days just to get up. His energy was low and he lacked the normal vigor that we were used to.

We took Kimo (our dog) to consult with Dr. Koorhan about what we can do to help him. The pills were not helping any more. She then recommended a monthly shot of Adequan.
His dose was 1.75 ML IM.

The results were astonishing and almost immediate. Within two weeks he exhibited energy and mobility that was not present for the last 2 years. It was great to see him rebound so thoroughly. He was like a 5 yr old dog again.

Last year at age 10 Kimo had to have knee surgery. Total reconstruction. I was fearful of the recovery and his discomfort. It was pretty traumatic and painful for the old fellow. However, with the balance of medication, therapy, and the continued use of the Adequan shots, he recovered completely and relatively quickly.

I highly recommend the use of Adequan for your pet. It worked wonders for Kimo and to this day he does not act like a 11 year old dog in discomfort from arthritis or reconstructive knee surgery. He is still mobile, playful, and apparently pain free which is all we can ask for.

We love our pets and and the use of Adequan has provided ourselves and Kimo a prolonged, happy, loving existence for which we are truly thankful.

Keith Rowland

Subject: Adequan

Hello Tricia,

I don’t normally write about medication my dogs take, but I HAVE to tell you about Adequan!

TestimonialsWe have an 11 year old golden retriever “Abby” who has been taking this medication for 6 weeks and I can’t tell you how happy we all are.
She actually runs and plays like her brother who is the same age. She can jump up in the car which she hasn’t been able to do for quite a while.
I was apprehensive at first, but after doctor told me there were no side effects and no damage to her kidneys or anything else, we were in. The pills were to hard to give and she always found them no matter what I tried to hide them in.

Thank you so much for putting her on this medication. It is so worth it. She is so happy and so are we!

Best Wishes

Roger, Christine and Abby Wood