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Spay & Neuter

At Doctors Pet Clinic in Murrieta, CA, we advocate for responsible consideration of your pet’s reproductive status. We believe that spaying and neutering is the best decision for most pets and their families, promoting their best health and helping to control the pet over-population problem in our communities. For some pets, spay or neuter may not be the right choice. We evaluate each pet as an individual, listen to your concerns, and then help you make the decision that is right for your pet.

Spaying and neutering offer numerous benefits for your pet and the community:

  • Health Benefits: Spay and neuter reduces or eliminates the risk of certain cancers and prevents diseases common in intact pets, including life threatning uterine infection (pyometra) and prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Improved Behavior: Neutered males are often less territorial and aggressive than their intact counterparts. They generally do not engage in territorial marking if neutered before they mature hormonally. Additionally, neutered males have fewer behavioral issues that may lead to injury, including decreased roaming and aggression.
  • Community Responsibility: Preventing unplanned litters helps reduce the number of homeless animals and helps keep pets out of overcrowded shelters where they are more susceptible to disease and confinement-induced behavioral problems, or euthanasia if they are not adopted.

Our Spay & Neuter Services

Our experienced veterinary team performs spay and neuter surgeries with the utmost care and attention to your pet's well-being:

  • Pre-Surgical Evaluation: We conduct a thorough pre-surgical exam to ensure your pet appears healthy for the procedure. Pre-surgical blood work is recommended to assess your pet's internal health prior to undergoing anesthesia.
  • Safe Anesthesia: We use safe and modern anesthetic protocols for all of our patients, and tailor our anesthetic protocols for specific needs, such as patients with compromised heart or kidney function. We monitor vital parameters of all patients throughout their procedure and recovery.
  • Pain Management: Your pet's comfort is a top priority. We provide multi-modal pain management before, during, and after the procedure as appropriate, making sure to manage pain before it begins and to provide pain relief throughout the recovery period.
  • Post-Operative Care: Our team provides detailed post-operative instructions and ensures your pet is on the path to a smooth recovery. We also offer a complimentary incision check in the days following surgery should you feel that there might be an issue with healing.

Choose responsible pet ownership—schedule a spay or neuter appointment at Doctors Pet Clinic in Murrieta, CA, and join us in promoting the health and well-being of pets and our community.